Original Safe and Secure Computing

Safe and Secure Computing – 2006

The original version of the Safe and Secure Computing website was designed using style elements found on various websites already on the internet.

By analyzing existing sites, borrowing code snippets that had interesting characteristics, and adding unique elements, JEM Software was able to get the Safe and Secure Computing website up in a matter of a couple of days.

Baseball Tipster

Baseball Tipster

This hand-coded HTML website was one of the first created by JEM Software, and by far the most complex. The back end database system contains millions of complex historical records from baseball games spanning the half-decade beginning 2001. Scripts running in the back end are continuously searching for stories related to baseball, including injury reports, roster changes, and game-by-game box scores. All of this is done with automated “spiders” that crawl baseball news sources and extract relevant data for inclusion in the dynamic database.

Before each day’s games, automated processes would analyze possible game scenarios and compare its own predictions against the oddsmakers’ predictions. After all this information was compiled, the daily picks web page would be automatically generated and posted to a subscriber-accessible address.

This site was retired when online gambling laws changed in the U.S., but is still maintained online for historical purposes.