Frosty's on the Lake - version 2.0

Frosty’s on the Lake – 2015

This is a major redesign of the original Frosty’s on the Lake website created in 2012. This redesign employs the latest WordPress CMS system with a customized template.

This website uses interfaces to Google Maps and Facebook.

Fiesta Flowers and Gifts

Fiesta Flowers and Gifts

The original florist shop website was supplied by the FTD organization to promote the sale of their products.

As a well-established florist, Fiesta felt it could maintain its share of business while drastically reducing its monthly costs. The result is this simple, yet functional website.

SSDRAPIDHOST Webhosting Inc.

SSDRAPIDHOST Webhosting Inc.

SSDRAPIDHOST Webhosting Inc. is a locally owned and operated web hosting provider affiliated with JEM Software.  While JEM Software is a broad spectrum service provider, it was felt that web hosting had grown to a sufficiently large client base to warrant its own, separate corporation.  Hosting clients of JEM Software who request more hands-on control of their hosting accounts are transitioned to SSDRAPIDHOST Webhosting Inc. as their contracts come up for renewal.  JEM Software designed and maintains the website for SSDRAPIDHOST Webhosting Inc.

Shaarey Zedek Windsor v3.0

Congregation Shaarey Zedek – 2015

This is second redesign of the original Shaarey Zedek website created in 2006. This redesign employs the latest Joomla CMS system with a few custom-designed PHP modules.

This website uses interfaces to Google Maps and Paypal; as well as several PHP modules purpose-built for this client.

Cuddles Clothing for Kids

Cuddles Clothing for Kids

Cuddles Clothing for Kids is the “pay it forward” project of Amy Johnson, a single mother of six boys who escaped an abusive marriage, moved to Windsor, and enrolled in the local university’s Law School. The Windsor Star did a story about her. I admired her achievements and decided to offer my support by providing a website and hosting at no charge.

Safe and Secure Computing

Safe and Secure Computing – 2013

This incarnation of the Safe and Secure Computing website employs a responsive website template to ensure that the website will look acceptable on both tablets and full-screen computers. Although the template will adjust to smartphone form factors, it is not an ideal website for such a small screen.

The main improvement in this version is the automatic generation of the “Testimonials” page, directly from a database of customer surveys. The previous version of the website required that testimonials be hand copied into the constantly growing testimonials page document.

Marukin Steak & Sushi (Mobile version)

Marukin Steak & Sushi Restaurant (Mobile)

The Marukin Steak & Sushi restaurant had an appealing website, created in 2009. When the restaurant branched out to include Thai cuisine; the restaurant’s owner was unable to contact the original web designer to update the website. JEM Software was retained to redesign the site to accommodate today’s responsive and mobile themes and to incorporate the extended menu in the process.

The Marukin Steak & Sushi restaurant website marked the first implementation of a web-based database to identify the visitor’s device (rather than relying on the browser). This ensured that smartphone users would receive content that was tailor-made for people on the go.

With the introduction of “responsive design” technology, the customized mobile version of the website was retired.