Next Step Counselling

When Krista Gatti, a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist moved back to the Amherstburg region, she opened her clinic inside the Amherstburg Health Centre.  JEM Software was recommended to her by other satisfied clients within the centre, and she decided to use our services as well.

Amherstburg X-Ray

Amherstburg X-Ray is one of the newest additions to the Amherstburg Health Care Centre in Amherstburg.  Offering convenient hours and quick turn-around on physician referral appointments, this new service has been very popular.

The owner of the business has found JEM Software to be very responsive to the needs of the other services in the medical complex and hired us to do their website.

The Amherstburg Cannabis Company

The Amherstburg Cannabis Company is a licensed dispensary in the town of Amherstburg.  The owner engaged the services of JEM Software after experiencing unacceptably long delays in responses from the previous agency.  We repaired some improperly functioning elements of the existing site, and are now engaged in an interative process of upgrading the site’s capabilities.

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

During my late ’20s, I served for a few years in a reserve unit of the Royal Canadian Artillery.  I loved the camaraderie, the discipline and training, and yes, getting to fire those big-ass cannons.  The connections I made back then stuck with me, and I always had a soft spot for the Armed Forces.  Back in the fall of 2019, I was reading in their newsletter that they were looking for volunteers to help them maintain their website.  Not only was I willing to help, but when I first looked at their site, I was lots of opportunities for improvement and I wanted to get involved in a big way.  More than 40 years after leaving the forces, I’ve become one of the most active volunteers in their organization.