The Amherstburg Cannabis Company

The Amherstburg Cannabis Company is a licensed dispensary in the town of Amherstburg.  The owner engaged the services of JEM Software after experiencing unacceptably long delays in responses from the previous agency.  We repaired some improperly functioning elements of the existing site, and are now engaged in an interative process of upgrading the site’s capabilities.

Marukin Steak & Sushi (Mobile version)

Marukin Steak & Sushi Restaurant (Mobile)

The Marukin Steak & Sushi restaurant had an appealing website, created in 2009. When the restaurant branched out to include Thai cuisine; the restaurant’s owner was unable to contact the original web designer to update the website. JEM Software was retained to redesign the site to accommodate today’s responsive and mobile themes and to incorporate the extended menu in the process.

The Marukin Steak & Sushi restaurant website marked the first implementation of a web-based database to identify the visitor’s device (rather than relying on the browser). This ensured that smartphone users would receive content that was tailor-made for people on the go.

With the introduction of “responsive design” technology, the customized mobile version of the website was retired.

Management of Wealth

Management of Wealth

The original Management of Wealth website had been hosted with a different hosting company, although they had been using the WordPress content management system for their presentation.

JEM Software decided to retain the WordPress platform because of its wide acceptance, and because the original website nearly had all the desired functionality.

After migrating the website to the new hosting company, some upgrades were made to the template and features to achieve the client’s desired effect.

This website is no longer online, since the domain name has been sold to a different owner.

I Love My Books

I Love My Books

This very basic website was quickly created using default templates and default artwork from a web-design software product. The client wanted to have a working website in a single work session, so we sat together, found stock art on the internet, and quickly pasted together a website that would be operational in a matter of hours.

The main feature that allows this basic website to be memorable is the “intelligent” integration of email subscription registration forms into the design. Since the popup email subscription registration request resides on multiple pages of the website, JEM Software had to devise a way that would prevent the popup from appearing if the website visitor had already signed up for the subscription on a prior page.