Shin Shin Chinese Restaurant

Shin Shin Chinese Restaurant has been using online ordering for quite some time.  Recently, they heard about the online ordering option supplied by JEM Software and after seeing a demo, decided to make the switch.  The new system provides direct access to the order by the restaurant, rather than merely having orders sent to them via email.  Shin Shin’s previous website and domain were controlled by the external menu provider, so they decided to purchase a domain name of their own and create a new website in addition to having online ordering.

Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi, like so many other restaurants being taken advantage of by delivery companies, needed a way to increase revenue without sacrificing profit.  They were referred to me by another of my clients and JEM Software was able to freshen their website and provide a less-costly platform for online ordering.

Pho Mango Thai-Vietnamese Cuisine

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, long-time Windsor restaurant Pho Mango realized that a transition away from their successful dine-in model would be required to sustain their business.  Plans were made to create an elaborate and comprehensive web and online ordering presence.

Phase I of this process involved the creation of a basic, functional website featuring their menu.  Phase II, launched in early April 2020, provides them with online ordering capability and contactless pickup and delivery options.

In the future, Phase III will complete the transition with the addition of an exciting customized online experience.

Picasso Pizza & Pasta

Picasso Pizza & Pasta is located on Pillette Road at Seminole, and it’s really worth a visit.  They specialize in amazing pasta and pizza creations.  The owner had only recently opened and had just completed a printed menu when I happened to visit his restaurant.  After viewing a demo of my online ordering app, he signed up for the app and a website/hosting package.

Blue Sky Garden Restaurant – 2019

The original Blue Sky Garden landing page was created by Michael Trussler, a friend of mine and a friend of the restaurant owner.  A year after Michael’s death, and with the prospect that the site could no longer be supported in its current form, I was asked to refresh the site.  This is the result of that effort.  It incorporates artwork and Chinese lettering from the original site as an homage to Michael.  At the beginning of 2020, hosting was moved from the previous service to my own.

Kabab Village

Kabab Village is a Lebanese Cuisine restaurant, recently transplanted from its original location in Thunder Bay to Windsor. It is located at the corner of the Tecumseh Road East and Jefferson in Windsor. JEM Software initially integrated an online menu ordering system into their existing website and facebook page; and subsequently redesigned their website to make it mobile-friendly.  Hosting of the site was moved to my servers at the end of 2019.

Essex Shawarma

Essex Shawarma is a Mediterranean-style restaurant whose website was created and hosted by another agency. JEM Software was able to offer an online food ordering system that fit their budget requirements, and integrates into their own website as well as their facebook page.