East Side Shawarma

JEM Software had performed work as a sub-contractor three years ago when the creator of the East Side Shawarma website asked us to maintain the website.  As part of that engagement, we created on online ordering menu for them and integrated into their website.

Recently, the new owner of East Side Shawarma asked if we could assume primary duties for the hosting and maintenance of their website.  We have refreshed the colour scheme at the request of the new owner, updated some of the photos and have assumed hosting duties.

Executive Roofing

Executive Roofing specializes in new home roofing construction as well as repairs and upgrades.  They are bonded and work with local contractors and insurance companies to deliver complete satisfaction.

Oishii Sushi

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on many restaurants locally.  Thankfully, one of the casualties of the pandemic has been reborn in the form of Oishii Sushi, the newest all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant in Windsor.  The very day the restaurant was scheduled to open, the provincial government instituted a stay-at-home order, so Oishii Sushi immediately pivoted to an online-only pickup and delivery model.

In addition to the website, we created the online ordering menu as well.

Ayla Homes Ltd.

Ayla Homes Ltd. is a local contractor offering new home construction.  Working in partnership with a local architect, Ayla homes has the ability to delivery stunning designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Montaza Mediterranean Food

Montaza Mediterranean Food opened in mid-August 2020 just as Windsor was getting back to business after an extended COVID-19 shutdown.  Located at the former location of iconic Malic’s Deli, it was the former Malic’s owner that put the new owner in touch with me.

This was a challenging project, as the owner had no printed menu, no domain name, no photos – and a target opening date that was only four days from the date we first met!

I was able to register a new domain name, provide hosting, create a website and an online menu in the span of four days.

Shin Shin Chinese Restaurant

Shin Shin Chinese Restaurant has been using online ordering for quite some time.  Recently, they heard about the online ordering option supplied by JEM Software and after seeing a demo, decided to make the switch.  The new system provides direct access to the order by the restaurant, rather than merely having orders sent to them via email.  Shin Shin’s previous website and domain were controlled by the external menu provider, so they decided to purchase a domain name of their own and create a new website in addition to having online ordering.

South Windsor Barber Shop – 2020

South Windsor Barber Shop was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Forced to close for several months, they were finally allowed to open in late June 2020.  I have been a client of this establishment for nearly 60 years, so to commemorate their re-opening, I decided to completely refresh the website.  The new version contains a health advisory message, but that will be removed once the restrictions have been lifted.

Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi, like so many other restaurants being taken advantage of by delivery companies, needed a way to increase revenue without sacrificing profit.  They were referred to me by another of my clients and JEM Software was able to freshen their website and provide a less-costly platform for online ordering.


Ubique 150 Celebration

The year 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Canadian Artillery.  In honour of this special anniversary, elaborate plans were made to have various events staged all over the globe.  Planning began in the early spring of 2020, but within a month or two, it became evident that the new worldwide COVID-19 pandemic would put a serious crimp in those plans.  Undeterred, the leadership pivoted and began to plan a set of virtual events to honour the occasion.  I took some early initiative to register a number of domain names so that we would be able to control the SEO and access to the planned events without having to worry about “cyber-squatters”.  I then volunteered to create a landing page and commemorative website.  Unfortunately, red tape demanded that the actual website be strictly under control of the Department of Defence, but we still managed to put together a landing page that helped direct visitors to the appropriate areas of the main DoD-approved website.